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Classic Bag - 1 Color

Classic Bag - 1 Color

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Small and cute handmade classic crochet bag.

Add some color and uniqueness to your look! Despite its small size, you can stretch it a little to fit one last thing.

They are handmade with love, and every one of them is unique. Made with recycled yarn. 

All bags on the website are available for immediate purchase. 

Product Details

Color Size

Dark Pink

24x15 cm (LxH) 

Strap Length Weight
27 cm 333gr
  • Material: Recycled cotton and leftover textiles.
  • Type of Opening: Magnet Button


Customize Bags

You can also customize your bag to order. In this case, the bag takes about 5 days to be ready, depending on the availability of the materials. 

For customized bags send an e-mail to or contact us on Instagram. Choose: 

  • Color
  • Strap
  • Size
  • Material
  • Model

Due to the recycled nature of our products, it is unlikely that there will be bags with the same color and material. If you like to order a bag like the ones in the pictures, we will do our best to get as close as possible. 

Disclaimer: We do our best to be true to the bag's original color, but there may be some variation due to differences in monitor displays.
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